Thursday, September 9, 2010

sydney madness 2

So as i mentioned before, we were sleeping at Taronga Zoo. And because we were sleeping at the zoo we got a tour in the morning. It was quite fun though we had to get up SO EARLY!!!!
The best part of the tour however was the fact that we got to feed the giraffes! They are the giants of the animal kingdom, your neck got a crink in it from looking up so much. They had these big deep wrinkles under and around their eyes which automatically made you think that they were old ladies.
We each got given a carrot and you had to hold it sideways and they stuck out its tounge and slurrped it all up.
Everything was going swimmingly until the giraffe decided that it was now and forever officially over carrots. Instead it decided that Marshmellows looked tasty. She held out her carrot like she was supposed to and the next thing we knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs as she was swallowed head first, the giraffe coughed up her shoes.
The next thing I knew the giraffe had broken out of its pen and was running around devouring everybody. I was the last one standing before i too was eaten.
Its rather dark and cramped inside here by the way.

By Cookie Dough    (victim of rampaging Giraffe)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A lot of things happen in the city, especially when youre on an excursion, in year ten and sleeping at a zoo. Yes, we slept at the zoo.
The whole trip was exciting but the real fun started on the ferry trip. You see it was at this ferry trip that a disaster happend. Of all the ferry trips we could have gone one we had to go on the one with Kettle Chips. Sugar saw him, with his fancy Ipad and swooped, just like that. Lucky she did becasue otherwise we wouldnt have been able to play with the Ipad talk about fun! But Popping wanted to play too. So he went to touch the $800 ipad and he touched the ipad with such force that it flew out of Kettle Chips hands and onto the ferry floor. It smashed into a million pieces. It was a hushed silence. Kettle Chips looked up, fire coming from his eyes.
Popping ran. He ran for his life. Around and around the ferry. He screamed "get me some superglue i need superglue". He had an insane idea that he was going to glue the Ipad back to gether. No one moved, he had ruined the Ipad, something had to be done.
Kettle Chips caught up with him lifted his legs and tossed him overboard. He didnt resurface.

Anyway that was adventure number one of the sydney excursion dont worry there is more to come

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insults in geography

Okay so this conversation is between two people and just so you know the first lines of each part is the supposed addres

Cookie Dough
3 seats from Dark Chocolate

Hello Cookie,I've been meaning to discuss to you te matter of your face,I don't like it please could you go to a vet and get it replaced. Please could you do this request.
Yours seriously sincerly
Jam B.

Jam Biscut
Sitting next to the traitor who laughed

Dear Jam, I have been meaning to discuss your body,face,personality and your lack of height. It makes ne sick to the stomach and I am literally choaking back bile. If not for your sake, please for my sake go and get ALOT of plastic surgery and invest in high shoes. As a nice and considerate person I will consider your request.
Kind Regards
Cookie Dough

To Cookie
36*15"29.79"S. 150*07"50.78"E. Elevation:30m

Oh what Ho Cookie, the monstrous beast, I've been anxiously awaiting your change of face but have yet to notice a change, whatdo you think you can trick me... Who do you think you are, my eyes have been trained by the Ninja Assassins of Japan. Please I am in pure agony if you could redo your face!Please for your sake as much as mine....
Yours Frankly Jam (Your(effing face))Biscuit.

To Jam Biscuit (Doesn't need geographical points as I can see he is in the row in front of me)

Dear Mr Biscuit
I see that to your list of horrible eyesores (your personality, lack of height,face and body) I must also add your low intelligence level.I for a fact know that your name is Jam Drop Biscuit. Not Jam (Your(effing face))Biscuit. Also your attempt at Shakespearean language are rather dismal. I suggest you study more. You might also notice THAT YOU HAVENT GONE UNDER ANY OF THE PRESCRIBED CURES FOR YOUR PREDICAMENT! I myself haven't gone under any of your requests as I said to myself.... 'Someone who doesn't know his own middle name,must not have any of idea what he us talking about'
Yours Kindly Cookie Dough

Dear Cookie Dough from Astleberry Oxford Universities

Dear Cookie Dough
I am most interested in your predicament. My name is Doctor Jeffery Archer. I am a skilled doctor in the art of face disfigurement an I think the case of your face is extrodinary. Because (forgive me for being blunt)your face is hideous. My dear and smart student Jam told of your fugly face and I wAs amazed. I would like to personally invite you to the freaks And very ugly people emporium on the 15th of December. Please (if you would like to be apart of this prestigious event) reply to this letter.
Yours amouraly
Doctor Jeffory Archer

To Jam Biscuit (impersonating Doctor) The Aslyum

Dear Doctor Jeffory Archer (if that's your real name)
It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that student Jam Biscuit has been committed because of the overwhelming tendency he has to impersonate other people of even fictious characters. He also ISA compulsive liar, I asume you he is worse looking than I.I found out the visitor hours of the asylum they ate five to six at night. Also I am surprised that the letter hot to me as you spelt my name wrong and put the return address on the front.
Kind Regards
Cookie Dough

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Time Ever

Okay so I have a friend who has one of these Blog Thingymajobs and she really likes it though she only uses it to post photos. Well I want to be an author when I'm older so I thought that I might start writing somethngs on a blog to see how it goes. I doubt that anyone will ever read any of this so it doesn't matter but you never know you may be surprised. By the way if i ever mention any peole in this they will be known as a type of food, my name will be the only real one used. For example the person I mentioned before is Snap Crackle 'n' Pop. Snap for short.
Hope you enjoy